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Galactic Citizen

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1  2:41pm 21/03/16        
Strip Tease For Me, Baby / Tie Me To The Bed, Dear
::  waves ::  Hello!  :-D  
2  6:57pm 21/03/16        
Is dead. Would rather not be.
Hi! I know you! We've probably never talked before! But that's okay! I don't know why I keep using exclamation marks!

I'm sure one of the people you were looking for will be along shortly to give you a proper reply. Until then, uhh . . . hi, I guess? How are things, and other appropriate small talk? 
3  8:43pm 21/03/16        
Kneel Before Zod!
Hey Damalis!  How you doing, girlfriend?
4  7:18pm 26/03/16        
assistant regional titus & epic space jesus
is this real life
I see you with MY EYE!
And all is SILENCE!
I Wake! I Remember!
5  6:46pm 27/03/16        
Strip Tease For Me, Baby / Tie Me To The Bed, Dear
or is this fantasy?  :-p

hey Smarts and Omnae :)  you know, I don't think we ever have talked before Smarty but I know you're cool :D  and Om, I'm ok... on a small personal break and it occurred to me to check out TRF.  I'm afraid one of the last themes for the board was impossible for me to read :( so I got in the habit of not stopping in but I decided to drop by, I can read again and viola, I said hello :)  
6  1:52am 28/03/16        
The Slothful Padawan
Welcome back Damalis!

We now have 100% less Xilen. Maybe. You never know...
7  4:08am 28/03/16        
Strip Tease For Me, Baby / Tie Me To The Bed, Dear
I was actually trying to remember that dude's name awhile back ... heh.. 

and at some point I'll figure out how to turn on that sig...