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Role Playing

The Battlegrounds

Welcome to the The Battlegrounds, center of all RPing activity in the universe. Feel welcome to join right in, but please read the rules first. Any comments or questions about this forum go in the OOC forum.

Threads: Weaving the Past
Saturday, February 13th 2021 Simon Kaine

Astral Astoria

Welcome to what is currently the most famous starship in the galaxy. The Astral Astoria, a massive space station, appeared not a year since, deep in the Corporate Sector. Casual role-playing, see rules inside. New players, get started here!

The Heist {Not for minors}
Tuesday, October 22nd 2013 Kullum

IC News & Propaganda

Whether it be to advertise for your faction (IC) or decree war on your enemies, succinct IC exploits entailing anything but a full story are welcome.

Special Report: Adega System ...
Saturday, July 16th 2016 Zark San Tekka

OOC Discussion

Meet and chat with your fellow RPers here. This forum is for discussing IC-related events only.

2 Decades!!??!
Sunday, August 1st 2021 Omnae
General Discussion
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