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1  11:32pm 16/06/14        
Jedi Apprentice - Back in Black
Hey everyone, hows it going? How is everybody?

Looks nice and busy here!  

*wanders off to read threads*

2  12:00am 17/06/14        
Jedi Apprentice - Back in Black
Oh, and well played USA...

2-1 USA v Ghana


3  9:35pm 18/06/14        
Kneel Before Zod!
Hey you!   Figures you would show up around World Cup time...   
4  3:38am 21/06/14        
The Slothful Padawan
Spain got crushed. I laughed.
5  9:45pm 21/06/14        
Admin - New Republican - VC Magnate - Reasonable Redcoat
'Tis tradition, heh

I'm gutted that England are out already, especially since we  playing okay, but just not good enough though. (First time England have gone out of the group stage since 1958, really not a good result for us, lol)

The better teams won, Italy are a tough team , and Luis Suarez has been on fire this season (31 goals for Liverpool!), Urugauy have a great striker there, but all that aside, its been a fantastic tournament so far, 

Have to cheer on another team this time...

Anyway, footie aside, how is everyone? Whats been happening?

Didn't expect to be away for this long, but have been looking for a new place, honestly, sometimes I feel like a bloody nomad.

6  4:37pm 24/06/14        
The Slothful Padawan
I know. England getting bumped put me out $20. >_>

And I'm doing alright. Unemployed, but otherwise fine.
7  1:52am 25/06/14        
Blink If You Can Hear Me
Why would anyone bet on England? Do you not know their track record?

I put my money on the USA. :D
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8  1:20am 28/06/14        
Confederation Admiral
I'm surprised USA has managed to make it as far as it has.  What are the odds of Team USA making it?  What's that, 1%? ;)