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Verne-class Terraformer

By Corise Lucerne on 11:28pm 16/02/14.

A5 Adar-class Assault Starfighter

By Corise Lucerne on 4:00am 08/02/14.

K2-TH-96-B heavy assault fighter

By Reshmar on 12:10am 22/01/14.

Hephaestus-class Walker

By Corise Lucerne on 5:10pm 19/01/14.

Poseidon-class Heavy Walker

By Corise Lucerne on 10:41pm 08/01/14.

Janus-class CAV

By Corise Lucerne on 2:35am 29/12/13.

C1 Battle droid

By Corise Lucerne on 10:28pm 14/12/13.

Rejuvenator-class Star Destroyer

By Reshmar on 4:02am 12/12/13.


By Raymond Mosses on 5:08pm 21/11/13.

Hawkeye-class Star Destroyer

By Reshmar on 6:25pm 12/11/13.

Mercatus-class Space Station

By Corise Lucerne on 12:13am 08/11/13.

Republic Mk II Star Destroyer

By Reshmar on 3:59am 16/05/10.

Viirtikit Battle Carrier

By stela'shlit'nuruodo on 3:25pm 11/05/10.

cc9600 MkII

By Reshmar on 7:29pm 08/05/10.

Alliance Tech

By Reshmar on 3:10pm 08/05/10.

Jackal Class Destroyer

By Rob Stellar on 3:49am 08/05/10.

Pulsar Class Heavy Cruiser

By Rob Stellar on 2:37am 08/05/10.

Crosfirr Star Frigate

By Reshmar on 5:51pm 07/05/10.

Torssii Interceptor.

By stela'shlit'nuruodo on 4:49am 06/05/10.

Binder MKII Fast Frigate

By Rob Stellar on 3:55am 06/05/10.

Cooperative R&D: Guardian-class Hive Ship

By Smarts on 3:18am 24/04/10.

Mastirr Picket

By Reshmar on 3:09am 23/04/10.

Krissii Heavy Fighter

By stela'shlit'nuruodo on 3:14am 21/04/10.

TNO: Viper-class Fast Attack Patrol Ship

By Wes Vos on 7:49pm 19/04/10.

Old ships updated stats.

By Reshmar on 7:57am 19/04/10.

Hawkeye - modified Venator Star Destroyer

By Reshmar on 6:20am 12/04/10.

Wes Vos's Organized and Updated R&D List

By Wes Vos on 1:42am 02/03/10.

Cooperative R&D: Guardian

By Smarts on 6:17am 19/11/09.

T-65E-BD2 X-Wing

By Bandor Kre'fey on 6:12am 05/10/09.

Warrior II-class Corvette

By Alexander Sturm on 3:39am 27/09/09.