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Ship Database


Planet Database

Unlike the Ship Database, the Planet Database is not intended to be an end-all complete and authoritative source of information concerning the planets of the Star Wars universe. Its intention is to solely be an extension of the venerable Planets List.

Infamous Battles

The infamous battles database features some of the key conflicts of both the canon Star Wars Universe and the TRF universe. Please note that due to the alternate timeline of the TRF universe, some cannon battles that may have been omitted.

The Force & TRF

This database will serve as a useful guide for any and all roleplayers at TRF who love to roleplay force users. This guide will help new and old alike to get a better idea of what apprentices to masters are capable of to minimize godmoding.

Research & Development

New and unique craft created by TRF members.

Wiki Import

Pages imported from the old wiki.


Information about the different Factions that act within the TRF universe.