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1  12:06pm 14/01/20        
Hello one and all. Amazing to see some names from the good old days. I just thought it might be worth letting you all know that The Gungan Council is back and under new management.

General Ceel (any myself) no longer have anything to do with its management or upkeep, it's binned off Tapatalk for a fancy and impressive new platform and now has a healthy and active roleplaying community. Katarine Ryiah has driven this change and assume the role of owner, though it is run as more of a co-operative than a dictatorship now. There are a few old faces who have been re-energised by the shift, including a few from the pre-TRF days.

So, if any of you guys still had the itch for RPing, it'd be great to see you.
2  1:20am 06/03/20        
Admin - New Republican - VC Magnate - Reasonable Redcoat
*shakes fist angrily for ol' times sake*

Now theres a name I've not seen in a very long time...   ;)
3  4:57pm 27/03/20        
Kneel Before Zod!
Now there's a name I've not seen in a very long time...  
4  5:32pm 23/09/20        
Actually pretty cool to see TGC still alive and kicking after 20+ years.  Anyone even remember what year TRF split off?  Had to be early 2000s?
5  5:10am 25/09/20        
Jedi Apprentice - Back in Black
Hi all! Hope you are all staying 'safe' in this really shit year.