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1  12:11am 07/01/17        
*pokes head in*

So . . . I see some familiar-looking names around here, but seems a bit quiet. TGC was much the same. Rogue One got me thinking, "Hey, it would be fun to give RPing a shot again." 

Is TRF still active? If not, have folks flocked to another board somewhere? It would be great to ease back into RPing with such a great group of folks again. 

Also: I know, this account's brand new . . .I have no idea what happened to my old one, or if I even made one whenever TRF moved off EZboard or Yuku or whatever we were on at the time. Memory's a bit hazy . . 
2  3:43pm 27/04/17        
assistant regional titus & epic space jesus
Hey there Kahn, you may not remember my name but I certainly remember yours.

Not sure you'll even read this as its been several months since your post, but to answer your question, while there are a handful of us that haven't given up on TRF even to the point of absurdity, no the site is not still active in any way approaching the early days and the TGC era. Ceel's site sputtered on a little longer, but in the end most people were driven away for various reasons.

A few of us are still around and active in the RP community, a couple of us are over at aka Star Wars Chaos. The site's been running for about fourish years and the activity levels are easily comparable to golden age TGC but with more TRF style PvP rules, and I'm told things have even slowed down some in the past few years. I run into a fellow TGC exile every once in a while over there, from various eras, so while it may not have the nostalgia trip you're looking for in TRF you may come across some old familiar faces if you decide to go write there.

As far as who is still kicking around here, Titus (Kas) is usually reachable but never very available. Omnae is still here of course (he is eternal), and Ahnk and Seth Vinda lurk semi-regularly, as well as Irtar Mal'Gro and maybe a scattering of others likely past your time who stop in maybe once every half a year to say hi. We've gotten to the point where even if our weird little homebrew Star Wars setting was in any way approachable to the average newbie, there aren't enough of us with the kind of free time and drive we used to have to breathe life back into the board on a large enough scale. Maybe every year or so there will be a couple new IC posts in threads as people get ideas they want to work out, but the days of daily lightsaber duels are long past in this neck of the woods.

You're welcome to stick around though, and come back any time! You can email or gtalk me at if you're looking to find a new community or trying to get in touch with old friends. I don't have a lot of people's contact info but I have some. Sorry this didn't turn out to be the joyous reunion you were likely hoping for. :/

We're glad you're not dead though!
I see you with MY EYE!
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