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51  3:09pm 23/11/18        
Blink If You Can Hear Me
5:12am 29/10/18#501596 c4 sith hunter : Hello, thought I would say hello. This is still Vonta horn. Seth. Missed your neutral face.

The website is dead at the moment but still looks really nice.

I left because of in and out of game abuse and looking at the search function for the word Vonta in the forums, looks like some people continued the abuse of myself and my characters even after I left. Some people on this board were mean and inconsiderate people while others allowed lots of bad behavior to continue. I like to say hi but I have no incentive to stick around. And good grief, Simon is using my character and some of my plot lines (shakes head).

good grief...
In defense of the good old days, you have to remember you're talking many years ago. A lot of were bitter, depressed teenaged assholes. A lot has changed since then.

I am now a bitter, depressed, middle aged asshole.
OS: In a world of bon-bons, you are a twinkie.
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I'm not spending my anniversary night thumping my head against the wall. - Damalis, on Moderating TRF
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52  3:50am 14/12/18        
Man of Ambition
Just poking in again. I admit I miss my days writing here. Hope everyone is doing well.
53  10:43pm 08/02/19        
Kneel Before Zod!
Estro!   You conniving bastard, you!
54  7:05pm 21/03/19        
The Girl
*waves from over on SW-Fans*