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1  5:25pm 15/05/16        
Former Director General, Free Trade Directorate
Well, it's been a rather long time. Some nine years ago, I started playing under this unique character. I wonder if any of you still remember me from those days. Some of you probably recall me, unexpectedly, causing quite a stir. Hopefully, this re-introduction will go much smoother. I hope everyone is well. Feel free to call me Mags, for short.
2  2:41am 16/06/16        
Is dead. Would rather not be.
Hey, I was going to write a response to your latest post with my Alliance guy . . . but then i didn't. I'll probably get around to it . . . sometime . . . maybe.
3  2:57am 17/06/16        
Former Director General, Free Trade Directorate
That's fine. I stopped because I had been insanely busy. But I think I got the majority of what I wanted across to close that gap between what was already written to what would be now. We can coordinate offline, if you would like...