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Galactic Citizen

The Rebel Faction » Forums » General Discussion » Communications » Hey gang, it's Kamon.


1  4:56pm 27/10/15        
Or Killian Holmes if you wish.

Lost my log in info for Kamon and Killian both so I just made a new account.
2  5:02pm 27/10/15        
Admiral Reshmar
Howdy also, found this guy on CHaos and we got to talking about you people. lol Smarts I miss you!
3  7:06pm 27/10/15        
Kneel Before Zod!
Hey Kamon!

How's it hanging?
4  8:22pm 27/10/15        
Hey Omnae. It's alright. Had some really bad luck lately. The divorce word.

Published a novel last year, gonna finish book 2 next month.

How about yourself?
5  11:42pm 27/10/15        
Is dead. Would rather not be.
Hey, I remember you as that guy that I didn't really know anything about, but all of the people I didn't like very much kept saying bad things about you, so i figured you were probably okay :)

Also: hi Reshmar! If you miss me so much, you should come back to TRF more often!

Also also: a book, you say? That's cool!
6  12:18am 28/10/15        
Hey Smarts, lol.

If the bad people were Kracker and Raktus, it's to be expected, lol.

Yes, a book. Link is... here.
7  3:15pm 28/10/15        
Kneel Before Zod!
 Sorry to hear about your bad luck.  Hopefully, you will find your happy dance in the future.

Cool thing about your book.  It is something I've thought about but never did so kudos to you!  That's awesome!

8  11:06pm 28/10/15        
Raktus... what happened to that dude?

I'm in Indiana as well.  (Read the snippet on your amazon link).
9  10:43am 29/10/15        
Who knows, Hyfe. Who knows. I moved to southwest Michigan back in June, though. St. Joseph area.

And thanks, Omnae. :)
10  1:41pm 30/10/15        
Wait, am I being insulted?
I have a sixth sense for being insulted on the internet.