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The Rebel Faction » Forums » General Discussion » Communications » Hi guys, lost my email/password info

1  5:38pm 25/02/15        
Can someone help me out with that?  Thanks :]
2  3:02am 28/02/15        
Is dead. Would rather not be.
Sorry to say I can't help with that, and wouldn't know how even if I could. Someone more important will probably notice you before too long.

Oh, and hi.
3  2:45pm 28/02/15        
Blink If You Can Hear Me
Should have a new PM.
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4  1:02am 02/05/15        
assistant regional titus & epic space jesus
Sam has been gracious enough to allow me to spam her welcome forum while we transition to TRF 5, so in return I will just say I'll speak to Titus about getting an affiliate link up as soon as possible and in the meantime, if you guys aren't already aware you should create a character at Star Wars Epics (formerly SW Tales) and write stuff there while we wait for Dolash and Gash to come back and for Ahnk and Gro to finish their Yearly Spotlight Winning Thread by default Path of a Warrior.
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5  1:33am 02/05/15        
The Slothful Padawan
Victory lap!


At some point...
6  2:03am 02/05/15        
assistant regional titus & epic space jesus
Don't be too hard on yourself, you guys have done a lot worse than page 5 over the years.