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Galactic Citizen

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1  2:26pm 08/07/14        
More than a decade later, how goes it?
2  2:10am 11/07/14        
Confederation Admiral

It's a little inactive as of late, but otherwise well.
3  1:42am 13/07/14        
Kneel Before Zod!
Yeah, we have bursts of activity and then bursts of inactivity.   Life is good, though, if a bit busy.  You?
4  2:49pm 13/09/14        
Is there a way to enable date/time stamps on posts?
5  11:15pm 13/09/14        
Confederation Admiral
You click the triangle, which is to the right of the user name, but the triangle itself points left.  That will reveal the date/time, IP address, and the quote, edit, and delete options.