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1  3:09am 21/02/14        
Hello, what's up?
2  4:38am 21/02/14        
Admiral Reshmar
3  4:43am 21/02/14        
Admiral Reshmar
4  1:23pm 21/02/14        
Confederation Admiral
Welcome to TRF. How are you?
5  2:51pm 21/02/14        
Hello Reshmar and Corise. I'm ok, what about you?
6  3:06pm 21/02/14        
TNO's Finest
Greetings, Yamato.  Confident about the size of your battleship are you?
7  3:59pm 21/02/14        
Admiral Reshmar
Indeed he is.
8  4:06pm 21/02/14        
Confederation Admiral
I'm not too bad.  You wouldn't happen to be a friend of Smarts, would you?
9  12:41am 22/02/14        
Is dead. Would rather not be.
Probably not. Unless he's being sneaky and made an account without mentioning it to me.

Hello, person. I'm supposed to be posting a lot, but I'm lazy so that hasn't been happening much lately.
10  2:28pm 24/02/14        
Kneel Before Zod!
So if you would like to seize the Galactic Coalition, now would be the optimal time to do so.. :D