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1  1:44am 09/01/14        
Sometimes, you just get lucky.
It's only when I'm replying to an existing thread, and only with this account (I'm assuming only with this account, as I've only been using Smarts until now and it's fine).

I posted in an existing thread to make sure that wouldn't fix it somehow (okay, that's not why I posted in an existing thread, but you get what I mean), and it didn't.

Oh, right, it's slid over to the right, a little under half of it out of sight. I could reach the "Paste from Word" button, but that was the last one.
2  1:46am 09/01/14        
Sometimes, you just get lucky.
Well, this reply box is fine, but others I check still have the same problem. I don't know what's going on, but I don't know things about stuff, so that's not really surprising.

Edit: Okay, so it's apparently only certain threads, as I just checked several more and some of them are fine too.

Oh, and I just realized that maybe I should have put this in the Communications forum, since I think it counts as a bug and not a board migration "to-do". Maybe I'll try out those thread-moving Moderator powers now. Yippie!
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3  2:06am 09/01/14        
Is dead. Would rather not be.
I did it! I have superpowers!

Oh, but it turns out I'm having the same trouble with my "Topic options" and "Move" moderator options. Again, not on all threads. This one's fine, for example.
4  4:29pm 09/01/14        
Link in any particular threads this is happening on and I'll take a peek. Sounds like some HTML isn't getting closed properly.
5  6:45pm 09/01/14        
Is dead. Would rather not be.
Okay, so it looks like the problem is with threads that are more than one page long (every thread with more than ten posts for me, just in case there's an "adjust number of posts displayed per page" button that I haven't noticed yet). I checked the first ten or so threads with recent activity using both my Jarvis Ragnar and Smarts accounts, and that was the pattern I noticed.

In case you still need examples:


The Force Wars

To Curse the Darkness

Hey all...
6  8:03pm 09/01/14        
What browser do you use? 

This is what I see at the bottom of the Omnae! thread.

7  8:04pm 09/01/14        
Ah, I checked in FFox and I see that the paginator is bumping the Mod powers box off to the side, I must have missed a closing tag somewhere.
8  8:11pm 09/01/14        
Is dead. Would rather not be.
Yeah, I'm using Firefox. Apparently it's not cool anymore and I just never got the memo.
9  9:13pm 09/01/14        
Kneel Before Zod!
Bite your tongue.   I use Firefox. 
10  4:21am 10/01/14        
Chrome surpassed Firefox in dev tool capability a few years ago, that's my excuse for switching. Firefox has been making some neat strides in that area though, it's possible that they could catch up again.