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1  12:33am 19/04/13        
Admin - New Republican - VC Magnate - Reasonable Redcoat
Well, 5 years later and I return to Korea, just thought I pop in and say 'Hi' from Daegu and see how you were all doing. :D

I have a family wedding to go to...

Should be an interesting experience.

How is everyone?
2  2:24pm 19/04/13        
Kneel Before Zod!
Can't be bothered to check in from Central London but you can check in from Korea? Dang... you must be bored! :D

Life is good. Supposed do to that podcast thingy with Bane tomorrow so I had to make sure my Xbox headset/mic would work on my computer.

Going to Puerto Rico in June!

Did you give your relative-to-be some good marriage advice?
3  6:55pm 17/06/13        
Admin - New Republican - VC Magnate - Reasonable Redcoat
Hah, I'm the last person to give advice about that stuff, I'm still learning myself, lol...

You been to Puerto Rico yet? O.o

...and boy is it quiet around here...
4  3:39pm 18/06/13        
Jedi Masterwan ... ... Shaken, Not Stirred
I'm in Hefei, China :)
5  4:55pm 19/06/13        
Kneel Before Zod!
Just got back from Puerto Rico last weekend. It was nice! I got sunburned snorkeling and I hated the driving. Weather was not bad though it rained on us when we went hiking through the El Yunque Rain Forest. bleh.
6  12:49am 12/09/13        
The first rule of TRF is...
TRF in Korea? You must be in the good Korea.
7  1:13am 12/09/13        
Summer continues to last forever. I'm in Minneapolis now, and it's muggy here.
8  1:50am 12/09/13        
The first rule of TRF is...
Titus, give me contact info of some kind.

You're FBing? Gtalking? ING ING ING!
9  1:55am 12/09/13        
assistant regional titus & epic space jesus


Dear TRF,

Zark here. What's going on Zark? Oh not much, just the fact that I've been BIPOLAR for 23 years and nobody noticed until 15 days ago. Good news is, these past 14 on anti-pyschotics have been literally life changing, and I hope you guys will understand now why I used to disappear for months at a time. My disappearances would happen whenever I'd hit a particularly bad depressive phase, so I am really sorry for leaving all those RPs half finished.

But enough about me, lets talk about YOU. YOU used to be a member of TRF. YOU used to like writing Star Wars fan fiction. YOU stopped, for whatever reason. Got too busy, grew out of it, whatever. I did them all, multiple times, and I get it. Which is why this e-mail, seriously though, this e-mail has been sent out with absolutely no expectation that any of you will come back. I have to assume the possibility that TRF is dead, but I DON'T WANT IT TO BE.

Do you?

I IMed Titus a day ago, told him about my bipolar, apologized for being a 15 year old mentally unstable tosser at times, and he mentioned to me AS IT HAPPENS that he hasn't given up on us, that his real life workload is crazy but still, STILL, he's been working on TRF5 in his off hours.

And guess what. Except for the backbone and a few discussions we've been having about how best to migrate the forums, I present to YOU, former TRF member, The Rebel Faction 5.0 ALPHA.

Account registration is currently not 100% active as of yet. Technically you can create an account, but verification e-mails never go out. If you really want to save your name, make one and Titus or I will activate it eventually or fix the e-mail thing, but please don't flood the server with activation requests. We're still hard at work back there! (and by we I mean 100% Titus so far)

I've got plans. Do you? Did you? If you come back to TRF 5.0, here is what you will see:

Blaster fire
Huge wars
Huge space battles
The Cree'Ar
The Gree

And that's just a taste of my first RP idea! I don't even know what Ankh and Irtar are cooking up, let alone what Beff or Omnae are capable of! And they're all coming back. All of them. I'm bipolar, I'm super fucking manic right now, my body is biologically designed at this moment to resuscitate this dying brand that has meant so much to so many of us over the years. TRF saved my life.

I want to give back to it. To you.

So come on down, check out the new digs! There will be e-mails sent from this address (which is hooked directly into my primary gmail, which some of you have), so feel free to reply with ANY questions you may have. I will do my best to answer them, and failing that, I will ask Titus or Ankh.

No pressure, no expectations, no guarantees. But I'd really hope to see you guys at least pop in to say hello once the board is fully functional. At least give me that. Anyway, here's to 10 more years of MAKING YOUR BID FOR THE GALAXY.

Arix "Zark" Askrima
king o al jediz
Assistant to the Regional Titus
The Rebel Faction

come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure imagination
I see you with MY EYE!
And all is SILENCE!
I Wake! I Remember!
10  1:56am 12/09/13        
assistant regional titus & epic space jesus
Thought that'd be easier than just saying hi.
I see you with MY EYE!
And all is SILENCE!
I Wake! I Remember!