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1  3:06am 16/06/12        
Jedi Apprentice - Back in Black
Any peeps out there interested in some hardcore online action, let me know :D
2  12:42am 16/07/12        
Kneel Before Zod!
Man... if it was an Xbox 360 we could throw down. :(
3  1:00pm 14/09/12        
Admin - New Republican - VC Magnate - Reasonable Redcoat
Yes, all you suckers went for the x-box.... BAH!

I might see if I can pick one up anyway....
4  11:04pm 14/09/12        
Kneel Before Zod!
Sell it and get an Xbox... :-)
5  2:28pm 15/09/12        
Admin - New Republican - VC Magnate - Reasonable Redcoat

Btw, Skyrim is awesome, kthnxbye!
6  3:14am 19/09/12        
Pity PS3 doesn't get the Dawnguard expansion.
7  4:02am 19/09/12        
Kneel Before Zod!
Just got to level 40. Been playing off and on for months. The Empire just crushed the Stormcloaks... dang rebels. Now, I guess I should read the elder's scroll. Fun game. Wifey at Whiterun also makes a tidy profit and gives me my "husbandly" share. Hee hee... these designers are funny guys.
8  1:17am 25/09/12        
Vance Jas; Sith Lord
You ever tried to marry two women at once? Quite hilarious... [see: 'there can be only one']
9  4:38pm 27/09/12        
Jedi Masterwan ... ... Shaken, Not Stirred
Oh, PS3, you can play Dust 514. (Maybe you can tell I've been playing EVE online lately)
10  3:08am 29/09/12        
Admin - New Republican - VC Magnate - Reasonable Redcoat
I actually saw that Dust game Milkshake, and even managed to get a key online to play the beta, but I know jack about it or eve online, other than they are online games, lol

As for Dawnguard, that does suck, but I do not know if that is just the way things are now or whether they'll get round to it later, for example we only got the upgrade / update pack about a month ago, you other peeps have had it for ages.

I hope they do release it, I would by it in a heart beat.

I am your archetypical sneaky high elf, level 100 sneak and level 100 Archery, level 50 overall.

My current stats:


Days as a werewolf: 247 -- (I am Harbinger of the companions now, but cured my 'disease' after getting a bit carried away and mauling my wifey :D )
werewolf transformations: 2
Locations discovered: 231
Dungeons cleared: 103
Days passed: 345
Gold found: 678331
Most Gold carried: 120391 - (after owning everything I do, I still have over 100,000 gold, lol)
Chests looted: 3586
Books Read: 329
Horses owned: 8 (including shadowmere, still own them all)
Houses owned: 4 (Whiterun, Solitude, Markarth, Riften)
Stores invested in: 22 --(anything and anywhere I found I could, lol)
Barters: 5795
Persuasions: 22
Bribes: 5
intimidations: 4
Diseases contracted: 4


Quests completed: 84
Misc objectives comp: 193
Main quests completed: 13
Side quests completed: 18
Companion quests completed: 7
College of winterhold quests completed: 11 (I am now arch-mage, with funky quarters)
Thieves Guild quests: 1 - (Moi? join a theives guild?? pfft!)
Dark Brotherhood quests completed: 19 - (now thats more like it, haha - I am 'The listener' and have set-up a second hideout at Dawnstar, not cheap I don't mind saying--bloody thieves lol)
Civil war quests: 0! - Thats right! Neutral to the last! kill each other for all I care, I'll just loot your body and sell the gear in the next town, lol
Daedric quests completed: 12 - (Deadric weaponary, now you're talking! *evil laughter* )
Questlines completed: 3

Combat: Now we're talking...

People Killed: 1152 - (I love killing Thalmor the most, Nazi bastards! - After they attacked me, I kill them every opportunity I get , which includes out on the road, :D )
Animals killed: 516
Creatures killed: 272
Undead Killed: 585 - (personally I find the draughr quite cute--I like the way they 'bark' when they hear something, I wanna get one for my house, like a trained pet, lol - oh and btw the 'Dawnbreaker' is awesome, kthnxbye)
Daedra Killed: 23
Automatons killed: 85
Favourite weapon: Ebony Bow (enchanted, of course :P )
Critical strikes: 2181
Sneak attacks: 1820 - (yeah thats right, you don't see me coming, lol)
Backstabs: 2
Weapons disarmed: 0
Brawls won: 7
Bunnies slaughtered: 2 - (they annoyed me)

Magic: (probably my weakest area)

Spells learned: 36
Fav spell: Flames
Fav school: Destruction
Dragon Souls collected: 50 - ( I would have had Alduin also but he legged it, lol)
Words of Power learned: 28
Words of power unlocked: 31
Shouts learned: 14
Shouts unlocked: 15
Shouts mastered: 4 (?)
Times shouted: 323
Fav Shout: Whirlwind Sprint - (comes in handy when you are overloaded, lol)

Crafting: (quite nifty in this area)

Soul Gems Used: 100
Souls trapped: 21 (who the hell gets time to collect souls during combat, meh, far too much hassle, give me my bow and I'll just buy the bloody things later, lol)
Magic items made: 81
Weapons improved: 124 - (oh yeah, Legendary everything....)
Armour improved: 120
Armour made: 37 - (and I only did this to get my skillz up, who buys armour, I find loads just walking around and talking :P )
Potions mixed: 536
Potions used: 690
Poisons mixed: 38
Poisons used: 105
Ingredients harvested: 3000 - (whenever I travel , I just pick anything and everything)
Ingredients eaten: 18
Nirnroots found: 56
Wings plucked: 116

Crime: - *looks innocent*

Total lifetime Bounty: 2649
Largest Bounty: 1500
Locks picked: 226 (level 90 here)
Pockets picked: 1
Items pickpocketed: 1
Times Jailed: 0
Days Jailed: 0
Fines Paid: 1649 - (I have the cash, so why bother , lol)
Jail escapes: 0
Items stolen: 321 - (now I take issue with this, lol, if you attack me, then you and everything you own, is fair game as far as I am concerned, which includes everything in your house lol)
Assaults: 65
Murders: 21 - (I can justify every one of them, lol - I AM NOT A MILK-DRINKER!)
Horses Stolen: 8 - (actually thats rubbish, it was the same horse, eight times, and I only took it off a bunch of bandits who tried to kill me, lol)
Trespasses: 15 - (*shrugs* yeah fair enough, lol)

Skill stats:

Alchemy: 44
Illusion: 37
Conjuration: 27
Destruction: 45
Restoration: 31
Alteration: 30
Enchanting: 82
Smithing: 100
Heavy Armour: 48 - (Ebony or Dwarven for me, if the situation calls for it, but most of the time I go with light armour)
Block: 26 - (why bother, strike first, strike hard and strike fast, I don't give them the opportunity to get this close, lol)
Two Handed: 66 - (I loveses my 'Legendary enchanted Dwarven Two handed greatsword' - Affectionately named: Khan - Anyone who knows me well enough will know why ;P )
One handed: 66 - (dawnbreaker, FTW!)
Archery: 100 - (WOOT! and I'm a crack shot too ;) )
Light Armour: 59
Sneak: 100 (crafty , tricksy , sneaky little elf)
Lockpicking: 90
Pickpocket: 24
Speech: 81 - (comes in handy, especially if you want to make some coinage)

You can see the areas I use most , and the areas I just don;t care too much for, I didn't really even bother with magic until quite later on.